Diapro® Quality Policy

Our organization that has been operating in health industry since 1983 aims to serve human health by producing immunohematological  diagnostic kit and devices with the use of ground breaking R&D projects and newest technology

Dia Pro completely fulfills local and international standards and GMP requirements in its productions and all other applications and provides the highest quality of human health with the quality of its products. Dia Pro IS0 9001 continues its progress with many international certifications including ISO 9001-2015, ISO 13485 :2016, CE (98/79/ EC, 93/42/EEC).

It is among the priorities of our company to provide customer satisfaction by adopting the customer-oriented vision with the production of raw materials, expert staff in the field from product entry to customer arrival, modern technology and production in clean rooms and effective quality management system applications. Our main philosophy is to provide continuity and continuous improvement in our quality management system with customer complaints, change controls, risk management, corrective-preventive activities, staff training and internal / external audits.

Dia Pro is proud to have contributed to our country, our national income and employment by producing our products in domestic and foreign markets with environmentally sensitive technologies in our production facilities.

Our Quality Policy

1. Development of environmentally friendly products that meet the requirements of the In Vitro diagnostics industry

2. Performing production and other applications in accordance with the legal requirements of the legislation and keeping them up-to-date

3. Establishing a Quality System adopted by each unit of our organization and keeping it up-to-date and effective with continuous improvements

4. Providing the use of technology and knowledge gained in the Invitro diagnostic industry in the environment and other industries

5. Keeping the staff training continuous and up-to-date and making efforts to improve product quality.

6. Customer-oriented work in sales and production activities, keeping customer satisfaction at maximum